Cancer in a Fun but Serious Light - Review of 50/50
Back when I in August first learned about 50/50 (2011), I was already hopeful just because of the cast, which I expressed in a tweet:
"A movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Seth Rogen, and Anna Kendrick in the leading roles. I almost can't wait for it." (

These high hopes hadn't been diminished since back then, but rather increased due to me finding out more and more about the movie. Now, after watching the movie, I'll have to admit that I hoped for too much. Don't get me wrong, far most aspects of the movie were amazing, but there were just something about it which most of the movie felt a bit off. The script was absolutely amazing and the same goes for the acting. Every scene was captivating but I just felt that the scenes didn't fit well together. This can perhaps be because of the inexperience of the director, the editing, or something completely different. However, while this took a little away from the experience, 50/50 was still a great movie.

Cancer is a tough subject to tackle for any movie, and it becomes even more difficult when one wants to give it a light and fun spin. Luckily this was done very gracefully in 50/50, and both the fun scenes and the deeper, emotional scenes worked extremely well. As already mentioned, the script was truly amazing and it really carried the movie, along with the great cast. Every character was deep and interesting; even the comic relief character played by Seth Rogen, still had more to offer then first thought. I felt for the main characters and found their handling of the situation and their interactions interesting, moving, and entertaining.

50/50 manages something which I feel most movies about cancer haven't been able to manage so far. 50/50 is able to not just balance, but actually combine, the fun aspects of the story with the more serious and emotional aspects. This is done in a way which avoids ridiculing cancer while at the same time not being a sob story. So while 50/50 lacks a little bit in execution, it still manages to be a great and well worth watching movie.
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