The Lack of Double Tap Strikes Again - Review of Fright Night
I've previously written about double tap and the great frustration the lack thereof has caused me ( Now yet another movie has shown that the days where the "good guys" don't take advantage of the situation when the "bad guys" are down, are far from over.

The movie I'm talking about is Fright Night (2011). While it is a mildly entertaining movie, it had me trying to resist yelling "DOUBLE TAP!" at the screen far too many times. The main characters over and over again got control of the situation/bad guy, and every single time either assumed that the war was over, or ran frightened away. Without exception, this resulted in the bad guy getting on his feet, and getting the time to recover, for then later to again be an imminent threat to the lives of the so-called "good guys".

Fright Night wasn't terrible, but when I in no way am rooting for the main characters, but rather hoping that they would just die, there is something wrong. Watch it so you can yell at the stupid "good guys", while being somewhat entertained.

On a final note, and probably the aspect I enjoyed most of the movie: The name Charlie was spoken quite a few times during the movie, and every time all I could think about was:
Charlie The Unicorn
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