Smiles and Tears - Review of The Descendants
Among the many high profile movies around these days there is a truly great movie which probably is being overlooked by many - The Descendants (2011).

When I first heard about The Descendants I didn't think twice about it. It seemed like another of the many semi-interesting dramas. But then I watched the trailer ( and from there I was completely caught and very exited about the movie. That The Descendants then won a Golden Globe for best drama, absolutely didn't lower my expectations.

With high expectations often come disappointment. Not this time. The Descendants and its special charm delivered. I was from the very beginning caught and moved by both the story and the characters. It's no wonder that Shailene Woodley got a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress and that George Clooney won for best actor in a drama.

The Descendants managed to do something which only few dramas has managed before it. It managed to bring a tear to my eye while at the same time making me smile. That special feeling only some of the best movies are able to make you feel. And when a movie is able bring a tear to your eye, then make you get that special feeling in your stomach which makes you smile, and then makes you feel both at the same time, you know the movie is something special. The Descendants is that movie. A movie worth noticing.
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