The Road to Self Forgiveness - Review of Another Earth
Even though the quiet unspoken emotions sometimes have the most power, the words which break the silence can be equally powerful. This is very true for the movie Another Earth (2011), which within the very first seconds gave me goose bumps and made me expect an exceptional movie.

Another Earth is not a sci-fi movie, even though the title and plot outline might indicate this. The sci-fi element of the movie is definitely prominent, but it is used to drive the main character's journey of self reflection, and not for a sci-fi story line. This also got my thoughts flowing in a somewhat similar way as for the main character.

After the movie at first hit me extremely intensely, it very quickly turned quiet in a special way with the unspoken emotions and emotional score telling the story. I felt this quiet atmosphere of the movie fit very well, but at times it felt like there was something lacking. Because of this atmosphere, the words spoken were so much more powerful, and made me listen closely. Some of very great parts of the movie were a couple of amazing monologues which really moved me, and stood out making the scenes with them, extremely powerful.

The longer into Another Earth I got, the less I saw it as an amazing movie, and instead as a good solid movie. The amazing monologues brought out the hope in me, but which was quickly lost again. This was until very the end (don't worry, I'm never posting spoilers).

I often say, especially for serious movies, that if you don't give the movie a chance and watch it all the way through, giving it your undivided attention, you shouldn't be confident in judging it. This too is very true for Another Earth. As with the beginning, the end of the movie took me by surprise. This wasn't a storyline-wise surprise, but rather a surprise in how much it affected me. The end very unexpectedly completely blew me away, and made the whole movie excel almost to the exceptional level I had hoped for when I began watching it. It was like the whole movie had been building up the atmosphere to accommodate this conclusion, without making me know that it was building up for anything.

Another Earth is in no way for everyone. People, who can't handle a slow-paced movie with many quiet scenes, will probably not find it captivating. But if you like this sort of movie, you're in for a good experience which probably will get your thoughts flowing.
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