Not Too Light, Not Too Dark - Review of Shameless Season 1
Earlier this week I randomly came across a series I hadn't heard about before. It was the US series Shameless based upon the UK series of the same name, and a promo for it caught my interest.

I gave the first episode a shot, then the second, and then I was completely caught by it. I ended up watching the whole first season within a few days.

The series is very much carried by its many interesting characters, and while it is classified as comedy, I felt it was more of a drama series with smaller funny and peculiar parts. The season started out very light and funny, making it easy to get into, but when getting further into the season, the stories began to turn significantly more serious. The depth of the characters began to shine through, and the whole season left me wanting more; luckily for me, season two premieres in January.

Shameless is definitively one of the better series I've watched, and I've watched quite a few. It is funny without being silly; it is serious without being depressing; it is detailed without being confusing; it is emotional without being nauseating; and it is overall a great series.
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