Far More Than Fighting Robots - Review of Real Steel
I'll start out by saying that Real Steel is a good movie. Yes, it is promoted as a movie about robot fighting and there is also a few scenes with fighting robots, but it has far more to offer than just fight scenes.
Almost all good fighting movies has one significant aspect in common - it isn't the fights that makes them good, but rather what happens outside the ring. The same is the case for Real Steel.

From the trailer one can perhaps expect that Real Steel is nothing but a stupid action flick, when it actually is a sci-fi, family drama; and one of the better ones for that. You get your regular story about an arrogant, deadbeat dad who evolves to become a good father and human being, through interaction with his son on their challenging journey together. For once, I actually didn't despise this story and the characters because the story actually had more twists and turns than I had expected, and the characters were complex enough to make them interesting. This was also achieved through the great cast who all, even the kid, did a quite impressive job making me care about the characters.

It isn't just the characters who evolve on their journey, but also the fighting scenes themselves. In the beginning of the movie the fights look like nothing but mindless button-mashing, but during the movie the fights evolve to consist of more complex fighting styles and tactics. To my surprise I actually got caught by some of the later fights, which I wouldn't had expected since they after all just are robot fights.

I could probably say a lot more about Real Steel, like for instance how bad-ass the kid character is, but I'll stop for now. The movie was to my surprise quite good, and I actually liked the sci-fi parts of it, despite them being focus around something as ridiculous as robot fighting. Real Steel isn't amazing but it still managed to keep me entertained and interested all the way through. Watch it if you aren't too bothered upfront about the concept of robot fighting. It is worth it.
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