Almost Laughable, But Entertaining and Moving - Review of Glee
I had previously given Glee a shot for about 10 minutes before abandoning it for being too laughable. However, for some reason I last week decided to revisit it and this time I stuck with it, watched all the episodes, and actually got hooking by it in the process.

Glee contains many ridiculous aspects which I certainly could do without. In several episodes I had to skip over a few songs due to me either hating the songs beforehand or just not being in the mood for the fourth lovey-dovey love ballad or Christmas song in a row.

Despite the aspects of Glee I didn't like, I found myself getting fond of several of the characters and their personal journeys (for instance Kurt, Burt, Santana, and Brittany). The show has several entertaining aspects but also contains a handful of very moving story lines which I feel are the best parts of Glee.

To able to watch Glee one has to be able to stand the constant stream of songs, which for the most part is not too difficult since most of both the songs and the singers are acceptable. There are many a little too sugar sweet aspects of the show which can be a bit much in the long run, though they are bearable due to the contrast with the more serious aspects, which, however, are a bit lacking in some episodes.

I'm sure many people would hate watching Glee, but for the music-happy people who can stand watching some teenage drama, Glee is a great choice. At least I enjoy it far more than Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game, which are the two other teenage drama (guilty pleasure) shows I'm following.
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