Conan the Inconsistent Sociopath
You get what you expect from Conan the Barbarian (2011). It is a casual, plot-thin action flick which should be watched with a few friends and even more beer; and that was exactly what I did last night. Despite it being a regular action flick, it still had few aspects which I want to address.

I felt Conan the Barbarian consisted of three parts: Conan the Sociopath, Conan the Action Hero, and Conan the Inconsistent.

Conan the Sociopath
In the beginning, with Conan as a child, you experience a Conan who kills quite efficiently and apparently really enjoys it. The obvious joy on Conan's face when killing his enemies and seeing them suffer, is somewhat scary. This sociopathic Conan is not the kind of protagonist you'll the rooting for, and it rather seemed like the birth of an antagonist. Not a great way to start of the movie.

Conan the Action Hero
After the questionable start, the adult Conan is presented. This is a Conan with a grin on his face and always a smart one-liner ready. This is the regular action hero you know from your average action flick; and perhaps most importantly: quite a few naked women who throw themselves at Conan the moment he is done killing the evil people. Not bad, but not great either. Just what you would have expected.

Conan the Inconsistent
During the last part of the movie, things began to get weird. It was someone had cut out major parts of the movie, leaving huge gaps in the plot line. Things happened for not apparent reason and everything was just ridiculously inconsistent. This part of Conan the Barbarian ruined the movie for me and transformed it from an acceptable action flick to a just plain bad action flick.

Despite the Conan the Barbarian at times being inconsistent, it was still a joy to poke fun at it with a few friends while drinking a lot of beer. So I can't completely advise against watching it, but you'll have to be prepared (stocked up on beer).
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