Interesting and Intriguing - Review of Beyond the Black Rainbow
I was made aware of Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) by +Jannik Hansen when he shared the trailer for the movie ( I found myself intrigued by the trailer so I decided to watch the movie - a decision I did not regret.

Already from very beginning of Beyond the Black Rainbow (fantastic name by the way) it was clear what kind of movie it was. It had its fair share of weird and psychedelic elements, which I'm not usually very much into, but for some reason it worked for me this time around. The reason for this is probably a combination of the amazing score and the simplistic storytelling, which ensured that I got caught by the movie very early on.

I was very intrigued by and interested in the movie from the beginning, and both the characters and the universe brought with them a special kind of wonder which sparked my curiosity. These feelings were unfortunately very abruptly lost when the movie went on what seemed like a bad acid trip flashback. The style of the movie suddenly changed and everything went from the clean, simplistic, and intriguing atmosphere to more of a surrealistic, abstract, and expressionistic atmosphere. I didn't care for this at all - and I did very much feel this part of the movie could have been, and should have been, cut.

Luckily this was only a short sequence, but it nevertheless made the movie lose its grip on me. Fortunately, the movie went back on its good track very quickly and caught me all over again after a little while. From this point on I felt the movie just got better and better, and nearing the end I was completely captivated with wonder; but I also felt a little disappointed since I believed the movie could have been amazing by cutting a few scenes out and doing some smaller aspects a little differently.

I could on for a while about the many good and couple of not so good aspects of Beyond the Black Rainbow (just look at what I scribbled down while watching the movie:, but I'll stop for now. It is certainly an interesting and intriguing movie which I can recommend to people who like the atmosphere and style from the trailer. Beyond the Black Rainbow is a good movie with some great parts and some terrible parts. It could have been a lot better, but it still manages to significantly better than just acceptable.
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