Amazing Characters and Brilliant Writing - Review of Goon
I began watching Goon (2011) with the expectation that it would be a good, though possibly silly, entertaining comedy. As it turned out, it was so incredibly much more.

At first Goon might seem like nothing more than good for a few laughs and some good fights. However, after a little while I realized that the movie had snuck up on me and had me completely captivated. The characters were far more than simply great and they were written (and acted) to such perfection that I was more than just a little amazed.

Goon not only made me laugh countless times, due to its pure and great humor, but also managed to move me quite a lot, which I in no way had expected from the trailer which by the way certainly doesn't do the movie justice. The characters were complex and enthralling to such a degree that I really felt with them every step of the way. Scene after scene I was amazed by how truly amazing the writing was and how every single character felt real. I was also a little surprised by how several scenes actually felt plain out cute and adorable which for some reason felt as a perfect contrast to the violence.

I can't review Goon without mentioning the beautifully written main character, portrayed extremely well by Seann William Scott. The character was so good, pure, and innocent that it hurt a little to see him fight, which made the fight scenes work on a whole other level than one usually sees. On top of this, he had what I best can describe as "a cute personality" which most of all made him remind me of a disoriented, cute puppy; who then beats the shit out of more than a few people.

Overall, Goon is an amazing movie, in large part due to its brilliant writing. Following the main character on his journey is a journey in itself and the movie so good at portraying every single character along the way that it left me stunned in amazement. A pure and brilliant movie.
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