Completely and Utterly Amazing - Review of The Newsroom Ep. 1
The new HBO series The Newsroom is written by Aaron Sorkin who wrote The Social Network (2010). I fell in love with Aaron Sorkin's writing back in 2010 and tonight I did as well with the first episode of The Newsroom (US folk can watch it here:

Just a few minutes in and I already had goosebumps from the first of several utterly amazing monologues. The episode continued to deliver monologues so good that I literally teared up in amazement, entertaining and heartfelt bits which made me laugh out loud, amazing acting to match the perfectly written characters, and a general plot which captivated and intrigued me the whole episode through.

I'm going to say it: The first episode of The Newsroom made me the most exited any first episode of any series (yes, even Game of Thrones) has ever made me. It literally impressed me to tears.
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