Great, with a Side of Amazing - Review of The Help
Back when I first heard about The Help (2011), I felt it would one of those typical inspiring stories which, while worth watching, wouldn't be anywhere near amazing. I was somewhat wrong.

While The Help isn't an amazing movie, it is still not far from it. It tells its inspiring story in a very good way, which makes for a great movie. It is not difficult to see that it is the story, and not the other aspects of the movie, which makes the movie great. The acting and atmosphere of the movie are however in no way bad, but at the same time not amazing either. There are created a good solid framework for telling the story, and this is really everything you can hope for with this type of movie.

In addition to the inspiring story, The Help actually has more to offer. During the movie there is also being told a small side story revolving around the character Celia Foote (played by Jessica Chastain). To my surprise I was completely caught by this side story, and found it amazing in an otherwise not-quite-amazing movie. The side story moved me a lot, and it made sure that the movie wasn't just the inspiring story I had expected, but also contained a more personal emotional tale.

Overall The Help is not an amazing movie. It tells an amazing story, and is great in doing so. The racism aspects of it, are very likely still relevant today, even though they aren't as prominent in our society today.
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