I'm not a fan of Woody Allen's movies, but tonight I still gave Midnight in Paris (2011) a chance; and I'm glad I did.

When I first heard about Midnight in Paris it was referred to as a "chick-flick", and to a certain degree this is also correct. The movie however plays more on nostalgia and the love for Paris, than the normal romance you'd expect from a chick-flick. It tells a peculiar and nostalgic story, a little like Paris, je t'aime (2006) did.

I can't say Midnight in Paris is a great movie, but it is definitely a good solid movie and a joy to watch. I'll however recommend Paris, je t'aime instead if you want to watch a movie capturing the romantic atmosphere of Paris. Midnight in Paris is more for the nostalgia-lover, who deeply wishes to live in a previous era; and for whom the movie also brings with it a relevant message.
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