My Thoughts About the [REC] Movies
Since the third trailer for the Spanish horror movie [REC]³ Génesis (2012) just came out I thought I'd sum up how I feel about the first two movies and my expectations to the third. The third trailer for [REC]³ Génesis is available with English subtitles in SD: and in HD without subtitles:

[REC] (2007)
My all time favorite horror movie to this day is still [REC]. It manages to create suspense is an immensely effective way, has interesting characters, does not make the usual horror mistakes, and does not use the usual stupid, cheap tricks of horror flicks. When I first watched it I was completely blown away and described it with two words:

[REC]² (2009)
I had hoped [REC]² would be to [REC] as Aliens (1986) was to Alien (1979), but no. Instead it was what I had feared: something which tries to explain the events of [REC] in a way which ruins the story for me.

The visuel style of [REC]² is in itself very acceptable and actually quite interesting, so when I began watching the movie I was intriged. The story however quite fast took a turn for the worse which completely ruined the movie for me. During the rest of the movie there were a few good moments but for the most part it was just stupid.

[REC]³ Génesis (2012)
The trailers for the third installment in the [REC] movie series very clearly seems to indicate that things this time is going bigger in the same way as Aliens went bigger compared to Alien. This is exactly what I had hoped for with the disappointing [REC]². It also seems that the third movie do not tie very much into the first two movies but instead is able to stand by itself. For these reasons I'm beginning to get my hopes up for the third movie, even though I very much hated the second movie.

I'd also like to mention that [REC]³ Génesis isn't the end of the line for the [REC] movie series. In 2013 the fourth (and presumably last) movie, [REC]⁴ Apocalipsis, will come out. It will, unlike the third movie, tie very much into the plot of the first two movies. This one I'm a little more skeptical about due to its resemblance to the second movie, but it is probably too soon to tell.

My overall advice about the [REC] movies is clear: watch the first movie and if you enjoyed it then under no circumstance watch the sequel. Concerning the third movie then either wait and see, or give it a shot since it certainly do look interesting.
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