Why the Fuck Did I Just Watch Abduction?
If don't want to hear me rant about my dislike for Abduction (2011) and Taylor Lautner, don't continue reading.

Let me begin by saying that Abduction isn't the worst action flick I've watched. This is, however, not because Abduction is a good movie, but rather because there are several extremely terrible and stupid action flicks out there.

Abduction tries very hard to be a younger Jason Bourne movie and fails miserably at doing so. While the action scenes aren't terrible, they still aren't anywhere near the high level of the Bourne movies. Abduction makes the mistake of thinking that the presence of elements from the Bourne movies will make everything great, which quite frankly do very little when the execution of these elements is sloppy and bland.

Most of the actors in Abduction weren't bad at all, but Taylor Lautner's acting was significantly below the level of the rest of the cast and almost unbearable to watch in many scenes. It seemed that the choice to cast Taylor Lautner was made mainly because of his muscle mass, and with no regard payed to whether or not he actually could act. To me it seems Taylor Lautner's acting skills haven't improved since he played Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005).

Action flicks rarely manages to contain sincere emotional moments, and this was also the case for Abduction. The scenes which were meant as deep and emotional just came off unintentionally laughable. While such scenes can be funny to laugh at, it still makes the movie get closer to the "so bad it's good"-category.

Another unintentionally laughable aspect of Abduction is the weird way it is filmed. At several points there are for no apparent reasons used closeups and odd camera angles, which made it look like an amateur film. I have no idea what they were trying to do with this, but it most of all reminded me of the weird zoom-in used in soap operas.

In conclusion, I didn't like Abduction. It is a typical, undemanding, action flick, so just skip it, or get drunk and laugh at how stupid it is.
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