Enjoyable Silliness - Review of Mirror Mirror
I in no way had my hopes up when I began watching Mirror Mirror (2012) and I even expected it to boring and pointless. Well, it certainly wasn't; it was actually quite good.

Yes, it is yet another story about Snow White - but contrary to the action packed and dramatic Snow White and the Huntsman (which I haven't watched yet), Mirror Mirror is cute, silly, and fun. Even though it didn't start out very promising, it quickly took a turn for the better when I began to understand how silly it actually was. When I began to embrace the cute silliness, I really began to very much enjoy the movie.

Mirror Mirror is a silly fairy tale which knows what it is and embraces it in a good way. It pokes a little fun at itself and it had me laughing very hard more than a few times. There were even thrown a few sexual innuendos in there; the kind which people with dirty minds will understand (misunderstand?) and the innocent won't notice. They even had a "shirtless guys are distraction"-joke and also a "women belong in the kitchen"-joke, which I found very entertaining in a movie which overall is perfect for the younger audience.

Mirror Mirror is better than I ever dared to hope for. It's not in any way truly amazing, but it does the best which what it got and succeeds in making a very entertaining and enjoyable movie. If you love silly fairy tales (like I admittedly do) you should give Mirror Mirror a shot. It's worth it.
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