Amazing, Though Not Perfect - Review of Prometheus
I just arrived home after watching the movie I had looked the most forward to of any movie in years - Prometheus (2012) - and even though it's past my bedtime I can't go to sleep before saying a few words about it (and of course I'm keeping it spoiler-free as always).

I absolutely love Alien (1979) so my expectations were extremely high for Prometheus; expectations which for far most of the movie were met, but unfortunately not all the way through. I was fully captivated, intrigued, and interested for the entire movie and it was amazing but at a certain point I felt it began to lose the elegant simplicity which made Alien so great. The problem was that there, very simply, were too many elements in the movie. Here I'm not talking about story or characters (which both were perfect), but rather that vast amount of different new "things" the characters encountered. There were never really given time to begin to wonder about that weird object the characters just found before a new one was introduced and then a new one again. Don't get me wrong; all of these "things" were fascinating but I just wish the movie had followed the "less is more" concept in a similar way to how Alien did.

I'm making it sound a little like I'm very disappointed by Prometheus, which certainly is not the case. I actually loved far most of the movie, with especially the characters standing out as truly spectacular. Remember Sigourney Weaver's amazing portrayal of the character Ripley in Alien? Well, Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw surprised me by not only getting to this same level of excellence but actually going beyond it, making her character very simply perfect. Despite this, I'll have to give the prize to Michael Fassbender's portrayal of the android David; a character which it is not unlikely at all is my favorite character from any movie. David is very simply an immensely interesting and captivating character which I've never seen the like of to this degree of complexity and executed in such an elegant way.

I could go on for a while about so many different aspects of Prometheus, but I'd better stop now. Prometheus is an amazing movie with many very interesting aspects which certainly won't leave my mind for some time. It succeeds on so many levels that it really is a shame that it tries to introduce more elements than is good for the movie. A little more simplicity and Prometheus could have been the perfect sci-fi movie. Instead it must settle for being amazing and almost within reach of perfection. So close!
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