Movies from IMDb's Top 250
Like yesterday, I spend this evening watching yet another movie from IMDb's Top 250 which I haven't watched before. Tonight it was finally time for me to watch The Shining (1980) and I have to say that I'm actually disappointed.

Don't get me wrong; it is a good movie. Just not as good as I had expected. And it is not that difficult for me to pinpoint the aspect I felt ruined the movie. The excessive score/music/suspense sounds.
The score itself isn't too bad, but it is used almost continuously throughout the whole movie. In every single potentially scary or gripping scene the over-dramatic score was right there to take all the horror and suspense out of the scene. It was like the movie was relying on the score for creating suspense, which I really felt did exactly the opposite. It pretty much ruined the movie for me.

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