My Varying Love for Doctor Who
For a little more than two weeks ago I began watching Doctor Who from season 1. I had previously followed the series from season 5, with the introduction of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy Pond, and because of the long break before the 7th season begins, I felt it was a good time to get around to watching the earlier seasons (however, only the 2005 series). What I didn't expect was that I after just 19 days would have managed to watch all the first four seasons (including the specials) and arrive at the place where I first were when I began watching Doctor Who; the introduction of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond.

Having seen all seasons of Doctor Who (still, the 2005 series), I have to say that I'm not equally impressed by every part of the series. The first season, with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), was to me not anywhere near as enjoyable as the later seasons. It had its good parts but was mostly just "okay." The series, however, took a turn for the better with the introduction of the 10th Doctor (David Tennant), and from here I felt the series got better and better. This increase in quality become clear in the brilliant episode "Blink" (S03E10), which still is my favorite Doctor Who episode.

Being along on the journey with the 10th Doctor was extremely enjoyable and exiting, but this unfortunately didn't last. Already from the beginning of season 4, with the introduction of Donna Noble, the series felt a bit off. It still had its fair share of great moments - like "Silence in the Library" (S04E08) and "Forest of the Dead" (S04E09), both with River Song - but it wasn't quite what it earlier had been. This decrease in quality didn't however last all the way through the season, and the higher quality from earlier seasons, was returned nearing the season finale and in the specials following the finale.

After the first four seasons of ups and downs, I've begun watching the 5th season again. Already from the very first episode, I could clearly feel the increase in detail and execution, with for instance the score getting a significant notch up in quality. It is to me more clear than ever that my favorite Doctor is the 11th, along with Amy Pond as my favorite companion, not counting the companions of only one or two episodes. Season 5 and season 6 have a consistent extremely high level of quality, both in the writing and executing. Clearly my favorite seasons.

Overall, Doctor Who is quite an enjoyable experience to watch and despite it not being consistently great, the journey and the small bits of knowledge gathered along the way, are worth it.
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