High Hopes Fulfilled - Review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I'm sitting in my dorm kitchen with my laptop and a beer, after just arriving home after watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). I loved the original (the whole trilogy) and my hopes were high for the remake. I was a little afraid I wouldn't like it as much as the original, but I still felt a certain confidence that if anyone could manage to make the remake work, it would be David Fincher. And he certainly did.

At first I had a hard time not comparing every single moment of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with the original, and this dampened my enjoyment of the movie a little bit while at the same time hindered me from getting completely caught by it. However, after a little while I manged to stop watching it in the light of the original, and then the movie really began to captivate me.

The two of the aspects of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which managed to impress me the most were the scenography and the score. Both were among the best I've ever seen/heard, and together they created many spectacular, emotional, and beautiful scenes. This is however exactly what I nowadays expect from a Fincher-movie. But the part of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I was most afraid couldn't match the high level of the original was the portrayal Lisbeth Salander, which was done to perfection in the original by Noomi Rapace. I'll however say that through several subtle but significant changes to the character, Rooney Mara managed to be a quite amazing Lisbeth Salander which I certainly wasn't disappointed by.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is definitely an amazing, captivating movie. It differs from the original on several levels, so to determine if it is superior or inferior to the original Män som hatar kvinnor (2009) is not something I think I can do. They are both amazing movies in their own way, but if I had to choose, my choice would fall on the remake and this would, without a doubt, be because of David Fincher.
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