Not as Terrible as Expected - Review of The Three Musketeers
After all the terrible things I'd heard about The Three Musketeers (2011), I went in expecting the worst and it didn't start out very well either. Cliche dialogue, weird CGI looking effects, and one-dimensional characters. But then again, I guess one really should not expect more from movies like this.

I must say that further into the movie I began enjoying it a little more. Some of the fight scenes were actually not half bad, despite them looking a lot like something done better in the great Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The dialogue didn't really improve throughout the movie, but there were the comic relief scenes with the always funny James Corden (Doctor Who's Craig Owens). And for something pretty to look at (when not being annoyed by the half-assed attempt at incorporating steampunk into the movie) there were the lovely Gabriella Wilde (as Constance).

I'll not say that this in any way is a great movie, but to my surprise it was actually acceptable. I'll however still give the advice: skip it and instead watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or perhaps The Princess Bride (1987) if you prefer the more fairy tale-like stuff. There you'll actually get full movie experiences with everything The Three Musketeers was missing.
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