Not What I Had Expected, But Still Good - Review of Dirty Girl
From the trailer for Dirty Girl (2010)( I had gotten the impression that it was a fast-paced and somewhat silly comedy. This wasn't really an anywhere near fitting description of Dirty Girl, which I probably could have found out if I just had checked its genre on IMDb ("drama" - not "comedy").

Because I began watching Dirty Girl with a somewhat wrong idea of what it was, it confused me a little at first. It was funny, but not in the usual comedy kind of way, but rather as a drama with its fair share of funny and peculiar moments. The more comedy-like parts from the beginning began fading into the background compared to the the character stories which were unfolding. The further into the movie I got, the deeper and more moving it felt, and I ended up being very much caught by it.

Dirty Girl is peculiar, interesting, moving, and charming in its own little way. It isn't one of the greater movies, but I quite thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through. A good, decent movie.
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