The Extended Sucker Punch
When I half a year ago watched Sucker Punch (2011) in the cinema, I liked it but not as much as I had hoped. Back then I predicted that I would like it even more the second time around; so tonight I watched Sucker Punch for the second time, and chose to watch the extended edition with its 17 extra minutes. As predicted, I liked it more than the first time, both due to me knowing what the story actually was about, but perhaps more due to it being the extended edition.

Everything I said about Sucker Punch in my original review, still holds true. In addition I felt that the emotion got far more through to me, especially in the beginning. The instances where a little extra time were given to some of the more quiet scenes, really made the emotions shine through. This didn't work quite as well in the original version, so I'm really glad I watched the extended edition.

During the movie I found myself noticing far more of the smaller details, which I didn't catch the first time around. Some of these details were quite impressive, like a scene where two characters' reflections in a mirror do not completely match what is going on. It is like another reality is leaking out through the mirror. I found this quite mesmerizing and interesting.

While I like Sucker Punch, it still has a few issues. It got some serious potential which it never really seems to fully utilize. It could have benefited a lot from having an even darker theme and atmosphere to it, but instead it a few too any times leaves me feeling indifferent. I think the movie itself is far from bad, but it still somehow disappoints me due to untapped potential. If you're willing to give it a chance, you should consider watching the extended edition, since it slightly improves the overall experience.
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