Genuine Characters can Make a Movie - Review of Cherry
It isn't always the story which makes the movie; in fact, sometimes it is the characters who do, with the story just being there to facilitate the characters on their personal journey.

Cherry (2010) is such a movie. It is a good solid comedy, with some very genuine characters who makes for a great movie. It has its funny moments, its moving moments, and its fair share of sweet moments.

The thing about Cherry which surprised me the most, was Britt Robertson who played the daughter. I only knew Britt Robertson from the series The Secret Circle, where she portraits the main character very uncomplicated and generic. Because of this, I was very surprised to see her carry her role in Cherry extremely well. The same goes for the other characters who the focus on the movie was on.

Cherry is about character evolution and it executes this very well. Every character (without exception, I think) learns something and evolves through their learning experiences. The whole thing is rounded off in a very suiting way, with the perfect amount of sweet, which I quite thoroughly enjoyed, just like the rest of the movie. A movie which made me smile.
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