My (Perhaps) Unpopular Opinions About Ghost Busters
Despite that I've watched quite a few movies, and consider myself a film nerd, I've actually never gotten around to watching Ghost Busters (1984). This was until tonight where I watched Ghost Busters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989) back-to-back. I have to say that I'm disappointed; neither of them were very good.

I found Ghost Busters to have a pointless plot line driven by too many erratic coincidences, and not a single likable character. So there were really nothing there for me, except for a few cheap laughs.

Ghostbusters II was slightly better. It had gotten rid of several of the character aspects I didn't like from the first movie, but still was nothing more than a silly comedy to laugh more at than with.

I see the appeal of both movies, but they are unfortunately just not for me. The best thing about them was that they made me want to watch Alien (1979) again. Now that's a great movie.
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