Ti West's Special Kind of Horror Films
A few years back writer, director, and editor Ti West made the horror film The House of the Devil (2009) which had a quite different feel to it, compared with other newer horror flicks. It was almost like he had stepped back to the horror films of the 80s and recreated their atmosphere with improvements. The House of the Devil was indeed an interesting and very well made movie, so when I heard Ti West had made yet another of his "special" kind of horror films, I got exited.

Unfortunately Ti West's newest movie, The Innkeepers (2011), isn't quite up to the standard of The House of the Devil. While The Innkeepers is a different and good horror film, it still has shortcomings which make it less intriguing than The House of the Devil. It is like Ti West didn't dare to take as big chances concerning stepping away from what was expected, and for this reason ended up making a movie more similar to ordinary horror flicks. All in all, The Innkeepers is an good movie but just not as great as I had hoped (and expected). Still worth a watch though.
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