Completely Captivating - Review of Chronicle
Ever since +DeAno Jackson spoke very highly of the sci-fi thriller Chronicle (2012) I've very much been looked forward to seeing it, which I had the pleasure of doing today. I had high expectations and still, I was completely blown away.

Chronicle is not a movie about superpowers like so many others. It is a movie done extremely well with its own special feel to it. I had expected to be annoyed by the handheld "found footage" filming style, but that wasn't the case at all. To my surprise the filming style actually worked for the movie in a way I've never seen before, to a large degree because it made sense which far most other movies with "found footage" don't.

The strongest part of Chronicle is definitely the great characters and their interactions with each other as they evolve and react to their new-found powers. Following their story was very interesting and completely captivating, not only because of their powers but also because of their mental journey.

Chronicle is an amazing movie for many different reasons. It is interesting, intriguing, captivating, moving, and much more. While it isn't perfect, it is damn close. In case I'm not making myself clear enough, I'll sum it up:
You need to watch Chronicle!
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