Fucking Amazing - Review of God Bless America
When I first watched the trailer for God Bless America (2011)(youtu.be/ul4CZrnEFxU) I very much got my hopes up. It looked like a hilarious dark comedy of the best type, but I had not dared to hope for it to be as amazing as it turned out to be. God Bless America is fucking amazing; with "fucking" being the perfect word in relation to the language and violence in the movie.

I had anticipated that, while God Bless America would be entertaining, it perhaps could be somewhat lacking in other aspects, such as story and characters. I was completely wrong. The story and characters were interesting and intriguing, which made the movie far more than just good for a laugh. God Bless America captures the narcissism and stupidity of our age in an immensely entertaining, intriguing, and captivating way.

God Bless America is a truly exceptional movie.
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