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[Tactical Combat] Hi all, I've been finishing up another project these past couple of months so I had to shelve the OWB Tactical Combat. I hope to get back to it by March-April.

In the meantime, I'm looking for feedback on the current draft of the Tactical Combat rules, particularly those of you who can take it for a test spin and run a few mock combats.

The OWB Tactical Combat rules are designed for miniatures-oriented play on a 1" grid map. It builds on the rules found in the core rulebook but is not a full-on set of skirmish or wargame rules. The intent is to use Theater of the Mind for roleplaying and task resolution and switch to Tactical Combat when a fight breaks out.

Anyone interested, hit me up at smallnichegames at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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Another entertaining and useful video by this gentleman...

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Heavy Machinegun (Browning M2).

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[WWII Fiction] Some of you might have noticed I plugged +Jack Badelaire's Commando series with an ad in the back of the WWII: Operation WhiteBox core rulebook. This is because I feel like that series perfectly reflects the type of gaming that OWB promotes.

He's just released Assault on Abbeville, which appears to be set in the same WWII universe. Check it out. I'm about to!

And if you like his work, be sure to check out his blog as well.

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For those of you in the PA area!
Legacies Game Day in Havertown, PA is coming up on April 22. I signed up to GM a game of +Pete Spahn's WWII: Operation WhiteBox set in France just before D-Day in the morning slot.

+Carl Bussler +Eric Hoffman

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[Promotional Materials] These are just a few of the promotional images +Luigi Castellani has been working on. The Maquis, Charmer, and Combat Engineer. Should have one to represent each of the eight standard classes before it's all over with. Still not sure exactly how I'm going to distribute them, but expect a few to turn up in sticker form at a few cons. I think they look pretty sharp!
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[Honoring Veterans of WWII] Hello fellow OWB gamers. I'm always looking for authentic sounding names for NPCs.

Do you have a parent or grandparent who contributed to the war effort (whether in combat or on the home front)? If so, I'd be happy to include their names in future products. Not sure what role they'd play, but it would always be positive.

If you like, give me their name, something memorable about them, and the nature of their contribution to the war (rank, military branch, factory job, etc.). I'll use the name at the very least, but may be able to work in some of the other info if it fits the mission/product. I might even contact you for more details if they turn out to be a major NPC.

You can share here or email me privately. Thanks!

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It's very hard to find WWII-related gaming maps (as opposed to fantasy or sci-fi maps), so I try to request a reshare when I see them. Feel free to do the same!

This one I see a Sherman retreating back to a fortified compound before getting hit by the Tiger that blasted through the south wall or... same fortified position being the target of a Luftwaffe air strike as the Germans attack. Enjoy!

Thanks +Skarfester

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[Actual Play] 3+ hours of OWB gaming. +Keith Mageau and the guys scout the French countryside, take out the machinegun nest from Ambush in the Hedgerows and assault the French farmhouse in Apples of War from the Normandy Breakout mission pack. Thanks for recording it!
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