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It's coming.

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What a bunch of assholes. Don't get me wrong, I love women, a lot. But mind your own business. If two dudes want to get married, how does that hurt anyone else in any way?

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Notch wisdom.
(Disclaimer: I'm not an educated mathematician. Feel free to double check my results and tell me if I'm wrong)

So, to explain the lottery question and the very unintuitive answer..

Every time you don't win, someone else wins. The number of people who have won the lottery once will very quickly grow significantly larger than the number of people you are. Since they are more than you, the odds of one of them winning are higher than the odds of you winning, which means that there will eventually be at least one person who has won the lottery twice.
That person has the same chance of winning as you do, so each drawing, you both have a one-in-a-hundred-million chance of winning. If neither do, either someone who has never won will win, or someone who has won once will win, and there will suddenly be twice as many people who have won twice than you are.
Because of the high number of participants, this gets iterated maaaany times before you're likely to win (50 million times on average), and the pool of winners who aren't you has plenty of time to grow.

Even in a lottery of just 1000 people, your odds of winning before someone else wins three times is only about 15%.

The odds of you winning a fair 100 million person lottery before someone else wins TEN times in total is about 50%.

This, my friends, is the power of the pigeon hole principle.

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This is why I hate Apple iDiots: A new product comes out and everyone gets a nut over the "usability" of it, while ignoring the lack of functionality. Who cares how pretty your pOS iOS scrolls? Pretty, smooth transitions is NOT usability. That's aesthetics idiots, and aesthetics don't make a tech product. Functionality does.
Lion sucks just as much as the last umpteenth feline iterations for one reason: it doesn't run windows programs.

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Colombian method of dealing with unions: kill the people in the unions. Kind of harsh, I think, then again, unions are the bane of existence.

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After all the trouble with some police officers trying to prevent citizens from taping in public, I am very thankful there are officers like this too:

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Hey, if you wanna be famous as someone people laugh at, try comedy. Otherwise... I'd pass if I were you.
Hey, I was just as uninterested and disbelieving in Rebecca Black as the next person, but I like the pluck she has in this particular song, saying, "Yeah, so you thought I'd stop at 'Friday?' Hate all you want. I've got more." Go, Rebecca. Not like she's our generation's Beatles, but she doesn't have to be. She's done more than lots of the people hating on her have accomplished.

(doesn't make the song amazing, but the video snips some of her crazy ride)

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I need to upgrade from my A5 pronto.
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