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Inside the R4 3DS cart
Recently picked up a Nintendo DS Lite from eBay - wanting to play some Powder (all time favourite game - and most time played on both the gameboy advance, and PSP) I had to of course get a flash cart. Actually buying one of ...

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ELAN Z630 guts
One of the most difficult things I have found with doing electronics and especially audio stuff is finding a appropriate case. Many times the price is is higher than the actual components! Not to mention the mechanical side of things is not my forte. Withou...

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Live stream URL for this Thursdays leaders debate. 

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"What prevents third parties from loading non-US versions of the
software/firmware on the device? Describe in detail how the device is protected
from “flashing” and the installation of third-party firmware such as DD-WRT" 


When I heard about this initially I thought it was just the FCC being ignorant not really understanding the issue but they call out DD-WRT as something that needs to be secured against. 

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Other day I finally got around to solving the issue I ran into after doing a #cyanogenmod  wipe and reinstall for CM12. 

After reinstalling I setup disk encryption again, process worked fine but with one issue - prior I was able to have both a lockscreen pattern unlock (or any of the other options) AND at bootup text password. 

I was unable to find any options in the CM menus to set this up so after a bit of googling I found a forum post describing how to do this.

$ adb root
$ adb shell
$ vdc cryptfs changepw <password in hex> 

(do xxd -pu <<< "password" to get the string in hex.)

One nice thing is they show your lock screen text (so you can put your contact information if the phone is found) 

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Hey don't forget this is happening. That shouldn't have been so hard to find.

TV - "In English, on City. In English and French, on CPAC."
online: "We’ll be live streaming at,  on the Maclean’s Facebook page and the Maclean’s YouTube channel , as well as on and"
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