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The afternoon hacking session at the Snappy Sprint is a Snapcrafting tutorial. I've got my laptop on the projector and +Didier Roche​ and +Kyle Fazzari​ are explaining some of more advanced techniques, such as debugging confinement warnings, to the cross distro gathering shown in the photo below.

We are using +uGet​ as the example because we contacted the uGet project manager +Michael Tunnell​ and he wants a snap 😀

Also bringing my +Entroware​ Athena has paid off for building lots of snaps. +Sergio Schvezov​ (one of the +Snapcraft​ devs) has remarked on the snap building speed ☺️

Anyway +Michael Tunnell​ will be pleased to hear the uGet snap is working and we'll be able to upstream it very soon. But we're about to break it now, because shared library snaps are the new hotness and we're going to try using them 😲 #snappysprint 

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Here is what I worked on recently!
Getting your desktop snap integrated in to the desktop environment just got a whole lot easier!

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I made a little (20 mins) introduction to using Snapcraft to make a snap of OpenTTD.

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Here's a chance for you and your project to help shape the snap story. Apply for participation and sponsorship to attend the next sprint in Germany w/c 18th July.

The article has all the details.

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Inspired by a post from +OMG! Ubuntu! about getting gedit 3.10 installed on 16.04 LTS I thought I'd try and make a Snap to avoid all that tedious PPA stuff.

With some help from +Sebastien Bacher we got it mostly working. There are a few caveats; settings are not stored yet and first run is a little slow.

If you want to give it a go you can download the snap binary from here:

and then: sudo snap install gedit310_1_amd64.snap --devmode
(dev mode is still needed at the moment, working on that next). To run it use:

$ gedit310

Or for more fun clone this github repo:

Install snapcraft (sudo apt install snapcraft) and then run snapcraft from the dir in to which you cloned that repo. Then sit back for 5 mins and watch snapcraft work it's magic and pop out a .snap!

I think this brings a new dimension to Snaps on the desktop; we've been talking about being able to track the latest upstreams more easily, but you can of course install an older version of an application that you especially like just as easily.

#ubuntu #snappy #snapcraft #gedit

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Beautiful work by +Kyle Fazzari: not only did he snap +Nextcloud, he also wrote a 6-part blog series about it, here's part one, go check it out:

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I'll be around to help snapping as well tomorrow! Can't wait for it :)
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