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Another one bites the dust now that censorship is fake-left-approved and implemented by corporate America. Boy will this idiocy gonna bite is in our collective arse.

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Doch im Februar 2018 habe er sie angesprochen. Sie habe ein Praktikum absolvieren müssen, um ihren Hauptschulabschluss zu bestehen. Dort sei er aufgetaucht, in Begleitung eines zweiten Mannes, in einem weißen Auto. "Ich hatte solche Angst", sagt sie. Und: "Wir konnten nicht in Deutschland bleiben." Ihre Mutter, ihr Bruder und sie entschieden, zurück in den Nordirak zu gehen. Dort leben sie nun in einem Flüchtlingscamp, gemeinsam mit dem Vater und anderen Verwandten, erzählt sie.

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Freiheit ist immer die Freiheit des Andersdenkenden. Und das Prinzip kennt keine Einschränkungen. Wenn es einen Lackmus-Test für Faschisten gibt, dann diesen.

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CAPITALISTS: Hey, all we ever censor are those evil nasty types like Alex Jones. Trust us, we are nice corps.
FAKELEFT: Do censor! Do censor! We are offended. Give us our safe spaces!

Took how long to take the expected turn? One week? #Fakeleft Too stupid to buy milk - they leave the money in the churn.
"Oh, but," they said, "Alex Jones is deplorable, a bigot, a purveyor of fake news & conspiracy theories, & calls for violence against people," they said. "They wouldn't censor him otherwise, & they won't censor our side," they said ...

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#Hatespeech much? Danke an die zitierten Frauen. Nein, nicht die Schick, deren Anstand ist jenseits des Event Horizon. Is halt schon doof, wenn die Schaukel in der Kindheit zu nah an der Hauswand stand. Bei der Mehrzahl der anderen Frauen bedanke ich mich. Zeigt mir, daß die Durchgeknallten doch noch in der Minderheit sind, und ich weiterhin prinzipiell Frauen respektieren kann.

Viele bzw. die meisten Männer nehmen derlei Geseiere im allgemeinen nicht so ernst. Wenn einige Hysterikerinnen und ihre virtue-signalling White Knights sich da austoben möchten (und dann noch einige Macho-Arschlöcher sich dazu gesellen, um den Rotz so richtig anzuheizen), bittschön. Relevanz für irgendjemanden außerhalb der hoffentlich gut gepolsterten Filterblase hat das nicht.

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Bad reporting by +The Guardian

If you read this article, you may think children are drowning in droves in Germany.

When I read the story through a post from +Lauren Weinstein I had already seen it (in different incarnations) 3-4 times in the last month.

There were several things I noticed:

a) The story shifted it's focus on "children not learning to swim properly" to "children dying due to distracted parents" during the last weeks.

b) In no case did it contain any numbers to argue it's case.

Furthermore it was in direct contradiction to my personal experiences. I grew up in the 70's in a German beach resort. We did not have distracted parents supervising us because they weren't there. Starting at the age of 6-8, we spent complete days at the beach with no parent around. Parental guidance exhausted itself by reminding us of the time for dinner before we left.

Of course accidents happened. My first corpse I have ever seen was that of a drowned boy of about eight years. Such things stay in your memory.

Children nowadays live in an Orwellian surveillance state compared to us. Even if the parents are distracted, their much more intense supervision should decrease the number of deaths.

So I did the job a journalist is supposed to carry out. As it turns out that drowning deaths of children have fallen by more than 90% in the last 40 years. It took me and Google about 10 minutes to find this statistic:

The statistic is only about the state of Baden-Württemberg. I seriously doubt it looks different in other states. At least in 2017 ~14 children of 15 and below drowned in all Germany. That is a third of the death toll in 1979 in one state alone.

Instead of doing the tiniest bit of research, The Guardian just added a clickbait headline.

And there is something more, that really makes me angry. Even if parents were doing everything right, drowning deaths of children happen. And even if they did all they can, parents always blame themselves up to the point of self destruction.

And now The Guardian comes along and drives home the guilt....

This is a cheap article. It probably has been copied a dozen times (and not improved). It is not an outright lie but it is a deception.

The Guardian is not alone on this. Bad reporting is something that the big orange turd in Washington relies on to build his attacks on. The media is doing themselves a major disservice with such articles.

I know news are not at a high at this time of the year. If you don't have anything to write, then don't do it.

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