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The site on you wanting to send the drudges to our country shut down so found you here. So you think we should honor an agreement to take drudges you don't want? What if the worm was turned and we wanted you to take these bastards what would you do? Go to Hell. That was the Obama administration this is Trump. Shove your refugees up your ass.

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Let's get this straight.  You can check the government records for yourself, the Muslims have NEVER contributed much to any of our wars, including these.  Now this guys son died serving OK so there are 8 million Muslims in America and 5,000 are in are armed forces and that is spread out among all the services.  Now OK so your son died but that doesn't make a difference in our War on Terror.  We have too  many who are not in our military and too many who haven't helped us in anyway.  Not only have they not helped us they haven't in mass condemned what Islam is doing throughout the world.

Here are the facts:
Revolutionary War
Dead Muslims 4
Dead Americans 25,000

Civil War
Dead Muslims 292
Dead Americans 165,000

Dead Muslims 5,470
Dead Americans 116,114

Dead Muslims 1,555
Dead Americans 405,399
And remember Muslims fought with Hitler.

Dead Americans 2,356

Dead Americans 4,497

Dead Muslims combined in both those wars 60 and 11 found killing us downrange.

So don't stand up there and preach to America about your Muslim contributions.

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Merkel has shut the press up.  The story  is changing faster than a hooker on duty, saying people injured by tear gas and now questioning if the weapons real.  This is Hitler all over again and they won't release his name.

Merkel already in the toilet with Germans for bringing in millions of scurvy refugees who are committing crimes daily and raping.  The German people are ganging up against her this would put them over the top.  What a sad situation for Germany. 

O tried that with the Orlando shooting, scrub the posts blame the dead on the police breaking in but it failed.  We the American people watched it in real time and already knew the score.

I been following this story since it began and all Germany needs a real wade-up call they have a Hitler in charge.

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This says it all.

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I agree 100% and again Trump is saying what we feel.  You want to disarm citizens who buy guns legally, because bad guys always have guns and yet celebrities and all representatives are heavily guarded. 

You disarm and then talk to us. 

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And just how does she guarantee this?  Trump on top and Hillary dying on the vine.  So do they plan to do something to Trump?  Wouldn't put it past her.

I guarantee Hillary will go down and Comey will take her there.  Biden/Warren will run under the Democrat banner.

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Good get right in there Poppa see what your beloved Muslims are doing Oh and don't use a shield.

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This is a good thing, they overran Greece, they destroyed, raised hell and totally upset everyone.  They don't belong there.  50 Muslim majority countries send them there.

Europe and the West have nothing in common with them.  Most men anyway what kind of men leave and not fight for their countries?  Poses the question why they came in such huge numbers to Europe.

An invasion that is why.

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This is the best laugh the Khomeini has had in years.  There is no way they will pay anything.  They receive from America, 150 billion per O they don't give.

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So is anyone surprised?  The "Intelligentsia" in America knew all along.  How you Progressive/Socialist/Communist Demoncats feel about your O now?  You still believe the 150 billion to Iran a good thing?  See this is what happens when the country elects a Traitor and someone who is all in with every single enemy we have.  Good job you Libturds thanks. 
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