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I’m looking for a term to describe small positive actions that individuals do to add up to a greater whole.

Examples in the world of open source software might include: Answering a question on a mailing list, Testing a beta release, Welcoming someone to a community, Submitting a bug report, etc etc etc

Please follow the link for the full version of this post. I need your help. Thanks.
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At the risk of inventing cutesy words: participaction, collaboraction, contribaction.
I'm looking for a term for an individual action, not the actions as a whole. "Submitting a patch is a ________"

I just saw the term "nudge" in another context, and I'm thinking roughly in that direction.
I don't like "nudge". You nudge someone to get them to start or stop an action, like nudging your child in church in a vain attempt to get him to stop fidgeting and pay attention. You're talking about small actions in support of something else, like someone in line in a bucket brigade.

I don't have anything to add but that comment. I don't have the word you're looking for.
Agreed, "nudge" is overloaded with intent. But I like the idea of a small action.
Perhaps "push" is a little better -- less nagging, more action.
It's almost like the action is a building block. "Thanks for making that bug report. It's microbricks like that that help move the project along."
I was thinking "bricks" earlier, but I didn't have a concrete enough suggestion for me to self-justify posting it.
And "brick" isn't really an action. But maybe if it was "microbrick" it ascends above that.
There are negative connotations. If you try to change your electronic device and fail to nonfunctionality, you have bricked it.
It's your "Good Deed" for the day. The boy scouts were on to something...
oooh, that's something. Microdeeds?
I've always thought of them as legos, in keeping with your micro bricks thought. But that word had the disadvantage of being trademarked. Is 'building block' too prosaic?
At last night's Madison Perl Mongers meeting, someone proposed "stitch", and I think it's fantastic. Thoughts?
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