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My latest blog post on what makes a great open source contribution.

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Ten things that colleges aren't teaching programming students that I wish they would.

Running SQL statements built with outside data is like eating soup made from ingredients found on your doorstep.

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I really liked this article "How to be a great developer".

Some favorites:

"Make the community around you better. You don’t need to go to some Magic City of Tech Genius to do important work.”

"Your choices of technology and technique matter, but only so far as they serve what you make with them. As a musician, I ran into tons of people who had great gear and loved to argue about equipment, but barely ever finished a song.”

"Never assume you know why a decision was made unless you were in the room when it was made.”

"Always keep two groups in mind: the users and the rest of your team. They are the ones affected by the decisions you make.”

"Reserve your loyalty for people. Not brands. Not companies. Not technologies."

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My latest article for +SmartBear 

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My latest article, this one on effectively using regexes.   Spoiler alert: Sometimes the best way is to not use regexes at all.
The Developer’s RegEx Survival Guide: 15 Rules for Making Sense of Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a powerful, expressive and compact way to solve many programming problems involving text. But people frequently misuse regexes, or do not know the common pitfalls. In this article, +Andy Lester gives pointers to help newcomers learn how best to use these tools. These rules should help save you from the heartache of debugging #regularexpressions .

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"They can't ask about your marital status. That's an illegal question."  No, it's not.  Stupid, and puts the employer at risk for a lawsuit, but the mere asking is not illegal.

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My latest blog post on how you're doing your resume wrong.

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My latest article for +SmartBear "How to Turn Your Pile of Code Into an Open Source Project."
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