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If you're seeing a lot of Hillary rhetoric online, it's because her super PAC is spending a lot of money to hire people to post pro-Clinton messages. This is a tactic similar to what the Chinese government does.


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AMD is finally getting back into the desktop CPU market. Next year they're releasing the "Zen" processor which is a 14nm quad-core with hyper-threading. I'm thinking about delaying upgrades until the release, just so I can support competition.

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SpaceX is going to launch a new Satellite tomorrow and then attempt to land the 1st stage rocket. If they succeed, it'll be an historic milestone in space exploration.

If you don't understand the significance of this, then let me put it to you this way. This is like the Superbowl for nerds!

Good luck, SpaceX!

#SpaceX #Nasa #Godspeed

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I recently got Sketchbook Pro and I'm really impressed by it. If any of you guys do concept art for games or toons, I'd suggest giving it a try. You can buy it or lease a subscription which are both half off right now.

You can also just download the free version, if you create an account you can use the "essentials" version for free.

I'm currently using the subscription version which I got for 12 dollars for the entire year. It's pretty cool, because I can use the same account to load the program onto multiple machines. So I've got it on my desktop, laptop and tablet. #sketchbook2014   #sketchbookpro   #conceptart

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I stumbled across a really cool youtube channel that teaches all kinds of obscure topics regarding coding mathematics. I particularly like the bezier curve lessons.

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16:34 to 16:56  ... You'll laugh your ass off.

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In case anyone is confused about open-source programs, here is a helpful guide. It's important to remember that just because something is free doesn't mean that it's inferior!

The open-source programs listed get their funding from donations and all the money collected goes directly to programmers and not a bunch of corporate executives and lawyers.

Share this with people you think would find this information useful.

#blender #synfig   #krita   #Inkscape #audacity

So, apparently they're calling the next version of windows "Windows 10".
It seems Windows 8 failed so hard they feel the need to jump a version number to escape it ... like they're trying to pull out of a black hole or something.
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