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Bonnie Johnson

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Chapter Two
walk to the Enlisted Men's Club took them across a parking lot, past one set of
barracks, through another parking lot and around a building to the front
entrance all the while Lynn pointed out landmarks in a mock-tour-guide manner.
As they...

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Chapter One
By Bonnie J. Johnson                               On a mid-March afternoon in 1981 a
rickety, battleship gray bus arrives at the barracks. Sidney, the sole
passenger, is happy the rock-tumbler ride is over despite the destination. Her
first taste of Southe...

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New Book Idea
So Now What?
(working title)             The
stick is blue. I gasp and turn sideways. I’m about 2 months pregnant and look
for the future bump on my slightly round figure. I smile, then giggle and am
instantly terrified.   Twenty-seven years old, semi finan...

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Bunn's In Southampton
Hello! A few close friends suggested that I try this place to help keep to my vegetarian goals. I visited there yesterday and will, most definitely, return Bunn's in Southampton

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January 19, 2014 - Day one of my Vegetarian Journey
Hi, I'm just starting a new journey. Due to the mistreatment of animals I am no longer able to eat meat without feeling guilty. I tried for the last few years to avoid what several of my friends wanted me to see. I finally opened my eyes to the heartless cr...

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