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New Google+ Bar
Feb 5, 2012
#googleplusupdate #googlebar

There is a new version of the new Google+ bar. It just appeared on my page.
We are not sure if this is rolling out publicly or only to a few people.
It looks like a mix between the black bar and the new grey one.

If you want to enable it you can modify the PREF cookie and change the value to


An easy way to modify your cookies is by using this Chrome extension
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So basically they kept the notifications and share button on the grey bar, but removed the dropdown and used the black bar for that again?

Why would they do that?
+Stb Hernández it's the wide grey bar we're takling about right? At least This tweek to activate it through the cookies has been around for a long time.. 
+David Prieto they've brought back the black bar because its more usable, going to other google properties is now a one click affair without it we had to hover over the google icon and then click the destination (two steps).
but personally i like the look without the black bar :)
+Stb Hernández i don't get u! Now for instance you wanna go to gmail, with the black bar you just have click "gmail" (1 Step). But without the black bar, you have to hover and then click(2 steps).
+Barry Lance Leo Having it center aligned works fine. Which is how it has been since the very beginning of Google Plus. Left aligned websites are horrible on wide screen displays. I am not sure how come Google miss out on this. I guess this is because more of their developers are now coding using laptops rather than desktops connected to bigger displays :P Still, some amount of usability testing needs to be done even for test cases! :D
Looks like they combined the worst aspects of the two old ones. Now you have their combined height scrolling down the page taking up screen real-estate, and your notifications/account info/settings are no longer universal.

Listen up, Google. Here's how to do it right: Take the black bar as it currently is and put everything from the grey bar in it. For lower resolutions, make it fluidly reduce the size of the search bar and then move any google products that still won't fit into a dropdown-on-hover "more" button. Track the most often clicked products and keep them out of the "more" menu.

You can also remove the email address. It's redundant with the avatar and just another thing I have to blur out in screenshots to protect my privacy.
I've got a 1080p display, but this solution ist way too big
+Stb Hernández Your link is still referring to the old new Googlebar. The screenshot that was posted here is an other new Googlebar
Come on man, the new layout doesn't have the hover menu. No duplication get it ?? Did u even try it before commenting ??
jeez you are still hanging on to the oldest layout. Try the latest one and comment.
That's too much screen real-estate.
+Stb Hernández read my first comment on this post again. If you still don't get what I mean keep reading it until you do because that's all I have to say. Thank you.
I think the reason Google have two designs around is because they're testing what users like more. I prefer the new gray bar since I like a clean interface even thou the black bar is quicker for the 6 or so links.
I have the dropdown menu installed from this cookie pref thing, and I love it!! Cannot stand the old black bar anymore.
I emailed Louis Gray about this and I'll see if he responds. I really hope they eventually switch over to the dropdown menu soon!
Black bar font is too bold! I hate bold!
So, may I suggest I'd like to choose my preferred google bar?
If I delete the PREF cookie I have the grey bar version. The best one for me...
google y u not let us customize the google bar/menu?
Am I the only one who loved the Grey drop-down style bar? How do I get it back? This new version of the black bar sucks monkey nuts.

It seems Google has not yet decided on the look of the new interface and is testing different designs:

If you would like to enable the different Google Bar designs Google is working on, on Chrome, do the following:

1. Install the following extension in Chrome:
2. Once installed, you will see an icon shaped like a cookie on the top right hand corner.
3. on your chrome browswer go to
4. Once on google, click on the cookie extension icon on the top right hand corner of the browser
5. a pull-down menu will appear with various selections. Find the one titled "PREF" and click on it.
6. The PREF section will open up. The first field will be titled "Value".
7. Go into the Value field and delete whatever is inside, then replace it with the following text string:

Original black bar:


New Black Bar:


Variations on the pull down Bar:




8. Once you enter the new value, on the bottom of the pull down menu you will see a box that says "Submit Cookie Changes". Click on it.
9. Now refresh the Google page and the new menu should appear.
10. Go back to the cookie extension on the to right hand corner of the browser, Right-Click on it and select uninstall.
11. Your new google menu should appear on all your google sites. Enjoy!
+Stb Hernández look at my post immediately above yours for instruction on how to get the grey bar back. ;o)
It doesn't work for Google Apps users
+Gabriel Walsh it worked but it now stopped after I accidentally deleted the cookies. I tried to insert the new ID=03fd but it doesn't seem to do anything. Would you have any suggestion please?
I don't know if it's worth mentioning it, my page redirects automatically to thanks to my location. Don't even speak Lithuanian though! :)
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