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Dennis Allen
Voice Over Artist in Las Vegas
Voice Over Artist in Las Vegas

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Big issue for me with 6.04 30605 - Tweets would rarely get sent. I didn't notice for quite a while...maybe 1 of 10 were sent. I had to revert back to a 6.03 beta because I forgot to backup one from a previous 6.04.

With 60302 (today's update) the app crashes when you try to type a hashtag. Press # and it crashes with first letter you type afterward. It happens using the # in the input box or if you use the keyboard # .

With 60210 mutes do not work...both former and new ones I've tried to enter.

I hate plugging another app, but if you're having connection issues and monitor multiple accounts look at Twidere in Play Store. It's free. Check their add-ons, too.

I'll return to Plume once connection issues, etc. are resolved...but I need Twitter for business, hence multiple accounts.

Picture upload issues return with 56412. I had an issue a few releases ago, tweeted them and it was fixed next release. It's back. I try to upload, I get error message. smh

Just received update via Play Store. While existing widgets continue to work, app crashes when trying to create a new widget. Running stock 4.4.2 on a Note 3. 

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This should get some people Ting-ling with excitement!
The announcement many of you have been waiting for, it's time to bring your Nexus 5 to Ting! Our most recent blog post has all the steps on how you can bring  your device over.

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A heart warming story...and amazing that over 12,000 people came together to make his wish come true. Way to go, Miles...I mean #SFBatkid !
Simply an amazing story! The city of #SanFrancisco was transformed into #Gotham City so a kid battling leukemia could get his wish. Check out the pictures of his epic day at Go #SFBatKid !

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I've been loving Plume for quite some time. Only one addition I would like to see is the ability to cut and paste. There are times I want to highlight and copy a name or something to include in a tweet of my own. Right now it's hit retweet and erase...
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