Cycling Caps

Upon the occasion of arguing with other cyclists about the value and purpose of a cycling cap, I've pulled this quote from a post on our blog:

Align the brim of the cap with your nose and when the cap is not under a helmet, it should have a proper puff and ride high on the forehead. To the point of nearly falling off, like this.

Attached is a visual aid and that's Big
Mig from the archive.

If you eschew the dress code of the sport, whatever, but the traditions are rich and serve a purpose. Look them up or ask an old racer or tourist.

Caps keep the sweat off your brow, sun out of your eyes, and rain off your face. Legs are shaven to prevent infected road rash and to better apply embro, a magical elixir of strength.

We also ride in formation, on each other's wheel to go faster and protect ourselves.

It's a lost art. 
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