The Fix is In

The Pure Fix is in. That's a $325.00, order-online, ship-to-your house bike and it's OK! This isn't going to thrill any bike shop owner and best you don't tell them about it. Do take it in though, hand the mechanic $20.00 (always tip your mechanic), and ask them to check it out. Watch for overly-tightened or loose bearings and hubs. The rear dropout "tuggers" on the Victor were bent from shipping, so we'll swap those out.

The build quality is what you'd expect for 325.00 + free shipping and that's in the budgets of many. When a frame material isn't stated, you don't really want to know what it's made from or where. Don't ask questions about the spec either. Just ride a bike like this for the value you got out of it. As the parts start to wear out replace them with something better. You probably won't recognize the brand names of the parts or the names or the people building this bike in China either. Their names aren't Guiseppe or Angelo, Stacy or her.


Shipping bikes without brakes is stupid and unsafe. There are 6 people I know with the skills to ride a bike without brakes and I doubt you're one of them. Those people also drop their spare change into a future knee surgery jar. The Victor comes with a front brake and I'm not going to bomb any downhill with it soon. Not a lot of stopping power to begin with and rubber pads against white paint doesn't inspire much confidence. I'll add a rear brake with better pads too, cause this is setup as a single speed. My Modal in fixed mode also has a front brake.

A sub $400.00 bike is spec'd from a factory in a faraway place with a decal slapped on it. Then your other custom choices are tossed in the box before it's shipped.

Peel those decals off and put something on the +Pure Fix Cycles like "this bike is a pipe bomb" or maybe some streamers:

There's nothing in your local bike shop that beats this price range and I'd much rather see shoppers buy from Pure Fix and their competitors than Walmart. Order one of these up and then pop into the shop for accessories. Remember what I said about tipping the mechanics.

The Ride

A follow-up post will cover the ride and reactions. Expect I'll not want to sit in the saddle all day on this, but it was fun getting to and fro in Seattle.
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