If you are a GWT user, keep reading.

Internally at Google we use many specialized GWT libraries. One of them is a "to the metal" library that aims to have as little overhead or polyfill as possible. It's almost 100% overlay types, generated directly from the WebKit C++ IDLs and maps almost exactly to the bleeding edge HTML5 spec, whatever it happens to be. It also offers zero-overhead Json and Collections libraries (NOT JRE collections compatible) that work in production mode, but also work used server-side.

The question is, should this library be a separate add-on released on its own, or do you think a modern, lightweight HTML5, Json, and Collections libraries should be part of GWT itself. Keep in mind, this duplicates existing functionality in many cases. They are also not compatible with older browsers. (No IE < 9). On the flip side, you only have 1 permutation to consider, so your compile times go down.
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