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Ray Cromwell
I invented the XOR cursor, what have you done Derek?!
I invented the XOR cursor, what have you done Derek?!

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Just remember, according to Ebert, "video games aren't art"

NaughtyDog is one of, if not these, best game studio in the industry as far as art is concerned.

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How many Koreans do you know with last name Kim, Park, or Lee? How many Vietnamese do you know with last name Nguyen, or Chinese with lastname Li? This is either the buggiest piece of shit software created, purposely malicious, or these reporters are finding a few bad anecdotes with false positives. But the idea of a million double votes? Seems ludicrous.

And why are we allowing closed source proprietary software to purge voter roles in non-transparent fashion? The number of those purged from the voter roles in Michigan for example, was several times the margin of victory.

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I feel like I'm in a Dali-like reality now. Ben Carson for Secretary of Education is being rumored. Elon Musk says there's a high chance I'm living in a simulation. Someone get me the red pill. Mike Judge? CUT. Stop the movie.

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There's still a tiny chance to avoid this catastrophe. I'm willing to help pay the legal bills for faithless electors. There's about one month to do it.

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It begins, a few hundred years earlier than Mike Judge predicted.
"Make America Grow Again"

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For GWT 2.8/Java8 users.
Guava 20.0 released

Guava 20.0 final is now available in Maven Central as

This release includes quite a few new things, including a brand new package: For GWT users, note that this release supports, but also requires, GWT 2.8.0. See the release notes ( for more information on what's in this release.

As always, if you encounter any issues you can report them to us on GitHub (, and if you have questions about how to do something, we recommend using StackOverflow (

- +Colin Decker

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GWT 2.8 has been released. The biggest improvements from 2.7 are Java8 support and finalized JsInterop support. Yes, that means, you can now write code (with an Elemental2 stylelibrary) like:

Arrays.asList("Hello", "World")
.forEach(n -> {
n.addEventListener("click", (e) -> alert("Clicked"));

DDOS attack on the internet DNS system, a trial run by the Kremlin leading up to a big attack on Election Day?

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