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FMP Post Mortem
my Final Major Project, I set out to create an interactive and playable 3D barn
interior in a partially stylised, hand-painted style - similar to that of the game   Life is Strange . I stated that
the packaged game should run at a minimum of 30fps on la...

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Week 20 - I finished
I built lighting on production and packaged the game ready for hand in this week. Here are some pretty screenshots of my level to bulk out this post more:

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Week 19 - Adding Menus and Sound
This week I added menus and sound - amazing! The main menu looks like this: Here you can change the quality settings: This displays the controls, but you can't change the key bindings: I added a credits page for the sounds I used: Annnnd the ingame pause me...

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Week 18 - Technical Implementation
9/05/16 - 13/05/16 I wasn't particularly happy with the trees, so during week 18, I decided to change some of the trees and make 2 new ones. New Trees Besides the trees, I also changed the lighting a little bit, including add some slight sun beams. Hard to ...

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Week 17 - Technical Implementation - Ladder Blueprint
A working ladder seems like it should be pretty straightforward to make, though just because something seems straightforward doesn't mean it's always the case. After multiple tests and ages spent crawling through the UE4 forums, answer hub, and Reddit, the ...

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Week 17 - Technical Implementation - How to Pick up and Spin Objects in UE4
2/05/16 - 6/05/16 This is the first week of "technical implementation", according to my schedule. Technical implementation refers to any of the more technical areas of my FMP, such as any Blueprint systems, matinees or other complicated dynamic elements I n...

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Week 16 - Lighting
I scheduled this week to work on lighting and post processing, but as I've been working on those 2 things throughout the project, I didn't think I'd need this week. Naturally, that was slightly too optimistic! I encountered quite an annoying error early in ...

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Week 5 - Exterior Part 3
The exterior is now totally playable! I got some feedback that suggested making the bushes and leaves slightly more detailed, so I still need to do that. On top of that, I want make some flowers to add around the place to break up the rest of the green foli...

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Week 14 - Exterior part 2

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Week 13 - Exterior
I have 3 weeks scheduled to make the exterior of the barn. In my original brief, I listed making the exterior as a stretch goal, but as I'm on target and have 3 weeks already scheduled, I will probably end up making the exterior area playable as well as the...
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