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Words My youngest son is still sleeping and my mind is going a mile a minute and so I thought I'd sit and type... (until my hands fall asleep...thanks cts!) I've been thinking about words and how they can be used for good and/or evil. I prefer to use mine f...

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10 months going on 2
Ryan is 10 months old! He's so busy and so much fun.  He can crawl super fast and has taken his first steps. He still isn't walking more than 4 steps and prefers crawling but he's on his way. He also claps for real now. He used to just shake his arms up and...

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Low Carb Lifestyle Day #7
Well it's been a week of being on a LCHF diet and I'm feeling good. I've lost 4 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. (granted the first week or so is just water weight) I like seeing the progress.   After a few days I felt really sick and irritable. My muscles ac...

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And then it was 2015...
Happy 2015! It has been a few months since I've posted. Ryan is now almost 10 months old. He's 23 lbs, speed crawling and bringing so much joy into our lives. He eats everything but baby food. We just feed him what we have for dinner and all is well.  It's ...

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Half a year old baby boy!
Wow, it's been a fun 6 months with Ryan. It's been a blast getting to know him. I just pray the next 6 months are just as great! The very same day Ryan turned 6 months old, he had one of the crankiest sad days of his short life. He pretty much cried all day...

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Be kind, rewind. Educate instead of Hate.
I have a new movement to share with you all. My politicalish post is directed towards anyone who think it's directed towards and even those who don't. :) I've always been motivated by those who call me names. The worse names I'm called the better I perform....
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