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What is a Pok-e-mon all these pubescent humans are clamoring about? ūü§ĒÔĽŅ

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Dear +NIA Ops‚Äč

Some time ago we lost a friend, brother, and player when agent Misawa took his life. We will never know what caused this and the loss was a great blow to our local community. In remembrance it was decided that we would make a series of 6 missions spelling MISAWA in the area he and I started playing in during the early days of Ingress.
After various attempts, rejections, edits, rejections, etc all but one mission was accepted. Mission 'Aerospace Heritage' the last A in MISAWA has been pending review since Feb 8th and seems to have been skipped over and forgotten.
Every day 22 US Veterans commit suicide leaving friends and family behind to carry on without them. Please review this mission so we might say our goodbyes in a way he would have appreciated and letting his memory carry on in the scanners of his friends.


+John Hanke‚Äč +Andrew Krug‚Äč +Linda B‚Äč +Ethan Lepouttre‚Äč +Niantic‚Äč +David Hager‚ÄčÔĽŅ
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Welcome to Ingress... Where would you like to ignore today?ÔĽŅ

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High-res #Unight16 Screencaps - North America

How do you capture the best images of a all-US op?  with 20 instances of Firefox capturing a different portion of the area all at the same time.  The only problem with this is CPU and RAM usage.  After trying to capture the entire Globe with just 16 instances, I got home from my robotics event yesterday at 11:00 PM after helping to clear some blockers for the fields that still persist over the Des Moines Metro (as of 10:50 AM CST on January 25, 2015) #teamIowaForever I got home and decided that instead of focusing on the entire globe, I'd focus on North America. 

After 3 HOURS of tinkering with the proper placement of the 16 firefox instances I had running, I decided I needed another set on the right side to actually capture the east coast, so 4 more instances were created to capture 10240x8192 (83 Megapixel) screenshots of intel in just about 4-minute intervals.  Now that I have +Google Fiber I have that 1 TB of data storage on Drive for free (well, I kinda pay for it) so I found a linux package to command-line upload data to a google drive storage.  I'm placed all of the pictures that went through into a publically accessible google drive folder and have not limited the download of this data.  It is available in the link towards the bottom of this post. 

While I may not have played an integral making links, or clearing links (the links I cleared were non-vital links, just safe-guards).  I'm more than happy to help out in capturing some of the coolest shots that we could make available to anyone who wishes to use them.  I only ask that you give credit where it is due...which is why I will give it where it is due.  Thank you to +Matt Urich for finding a way to capture these, while I made some DRAMATIC modifications, I don't think I would've figured it out on my own without him finding the github link that he did.  Additionally, thank you to all of the time and effort that people put in to get the op going and put the fields up that you did.  I know that most of you were way more focused on the efforts of getting the fields up, it's a nice way for me to say thanks by doing the things that can be used to show how much our team dominates when we need to. 

Well done on a super successful op, +Anne Miles

+Niantic Project +Ingress +NIA Ops +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenm√ľller +John Hanke¬†
Drive folder link:ÔĽŅ

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Oh. I almost forgot. We weren't quite done. Had to break Ingress.The tech ended up not being able to deal with all the awesome. 

There's too much to say right now. Just, I love you guys. Thank you for all of it. 

Congrats to our amazing Resistance team in North America for a hard fought op and much much win. More to come. You all rock. 

#unight16   #oneworldonecause   #resistance  

+Joe Philley¬†+John Hanke¬†+Brandon Badger¬†+Brian Rose¬†+Vicki Ellen¬†+vn Bedard-Tremblay¬†+Laurent Bartholom√©¬†ÔĽŅ

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#Unight16 Global Resistance Operation

*Highest global p8 count for any operation 
*Multiple city fielding around the world
*Breaking the city p8 count global record, and then breaking it again!
*A global training exercise for the next generation of Intel

Unight16 - uniting the world of resistance. This global resistance operation, completed between 24th and 25th January 2015, aimed to challenge the world of resistance beyond what's expected. Beyond what agents believed they were capable of. Beyond limits. 

New agents were at the heart of the planning and execution of this night of resistance action. The next generation were involved in organising the record breaking farms, planning and making city fields, and most importantly in the background running Intel. #IITCisnotacrime

Figures are being collated for global mu and global p8 counts. Hong Kong featured 6200 standing p8, Singapore also broke the global p8 record. In Ireland, Derry was made an entirely blue p8 city. Notable fields are many include Brazil, Ukraine, Rome, Madrid, New Orleans, South Carolina, Florida, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Augusta Maine, Green Bay, Columbus/Montgomery, Birmingham, Madison, Milwaukee and many more. Ukraine report mu of 250 million for their fields alone.

Full sitreps and country sitreps will follow in the days to come. We want to congratulate resistance agents for their efforts, and thank the opposite faction for giving us a very strong challenge to overcome in some areas! 

¬†+John Hanke¬†+Brian Rose¬†+Joe Philley¬†+Brandon Badger¬†+Vicki Ellen¬†+vn Bedard-Tremblay¬†+Ruth Shepherd¬†ÔĽŅ
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Dearest +Ingress,
I have been hard at work linking all sorts of portals in an effort to obtain my Connector badge. However, the opposing faction has resorted to cheap and dirty tactics of blocking paths for my links. To relieve this, so that I may obtain my badges, I invoke the Guardian Butthurt Clause and request that all my links be hidden on the Intel map and a cease and desist order be emitted against those that would hinder my forward progress towards my Connector badge.

With love,
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