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art and tree chatter of aquariann
Whimsical ramblings and treasures of a fantasy artist.
Whimsical ramblings and treasures of a fantasy artist.

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Red Flower Photo: Fan Columbine, 'McKana Group'
I drew the columbine art I shared last week before I ever met anything in the Aquilegia genus. I picked the reference photo through a Google search simply because the flower had the color combination needed for a sketch challenge. Now, five years later, I'v...

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Pink Flower Photo: Kwanzan Cherry Tree Blossoms
Cherry tree petals are painting the pavement pink in Delaware now, but I can't resist sharing one more photo from when they were first blooming a couple weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post another flower cluster from this tre...

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Pink Flower Photo: Kwanzan Cherry Tree Buds
When the power went out at work last week, I took a walk to photograph the pretty Kwanzan trees I've blogged about many times in years past. Unfortunately, the rest of the week was spent catching up to the time we lost during outtage, so I wasn't able to po...

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Manicure Monday: Fern and Flower Nail Art by Jamberry Nails
A white rabbit made me late for a very important date! I didn't have time to blog the Flower Friday before the holiday, thus I am combining the hop with Manicure Monday by posing with a Kwanzan cherry tree . I picked Vintage Chic with accent Love Fern nail ...

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Flower Photo: Cistena Plum Tree Blossoms
We rescued a cistena plum tree from Lowe's clearance section last fall. It's barely bigger than a stick, so I was blown away to see blossoms already on it this week. Literally - it was quite windy, but I grabbed my camera anyway. Aren't the buds adorable? F...

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Jamberry Giveaway: Blue Watercolor Nail Art
There was nothing lamb-like about the way March went out last Friday. Mother Nature seems determined to stop the monthly weather stereotypes this year. Whether she sends showers or not this month, at least you can count on April bringing half of my Copenhag...

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Flower Photo: Ancient Camellia Japonica, 'Pink Perfection'
As proven by the reason I'm posting my Flower Friday hop so late today, life is not perfect! Not for humans, anyway - flowers are a different story. I didn't digitally alter this camellia photo I took during my trip to Magnolia Gardens in Charleston at all ...

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Manicure Monday: Copenhagen Nail Art by Jamberry Nails
March has come in like a lunatic lion the last few years. Thank goodness there's always the Art of The Belly festival in Ocean City to whirl away the wacky weather off by the end of the month! This year I chose to wear Copenhagen nail wraps from Seasonail ,...

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Flower Photo: Daffodils at Magnolia Gardens
Daffodils may be decorating Delaware right now, but they were already blooming in Charleston when I visited in early February for my birthday. I was delighted by the entrance to Magnolia Gardens. The sign reads, "Give fools their gold and knaves their power...

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Colored Pencil Drawing: Fantastic Four Fan Art
I borrowed a sliver of Quicksilver's power and was able to finish my Fantastic Four fan art in time for Revival House's Comically Cinema event last Thursday at Milton Theatre. I hadn't worked on art bigger than ACEO size for ages, so coloring the background...
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