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Yes it's true.  I'm in LA now.  Pretty crazy.

UPDATE.  Ok for the record, the quote "Part of his new job at Snapchat will be building technology infrastructure in-house so that the company can begin to lessen its reliance on partners like Google, Murphy said." is (a) not what Bobby said, (b) not really a focus of my job either.  Thx WSJ for pissing off all my old Google friends.  A more correct statement is that we'll continuously evaluate alternatives, and likely over time develop more infrastructure ourselves, in particular in specialized areas of our apps.  Google is a great partner, and the success of Snapchat would simply not have been possible without Google Cloud, and we expect to work closely together.  Period.
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+Peter Magnusson I read that article, and I'm sorry they misrepresented your situation. Hopefully, you and your comrades at Google can reconcile, so you all can move on. Good luck with your new venture. 
Hey Peter. Have had the pleasure of listening to your talk on Google Tel Aviv offices. Wish you all the best on your new adventure. Next talk is when SnapChat opens up a new office in Tel Aviv some time? :-)
I'm in LA too! How do you like Venice?? :)
There's no press like mis-quoted press!  
Congrats! I'm sure the silliness with the press will wear off quickly and I wish you the best of luck at Snapchat.
Long time now since an update, Peter!  How's The Big Orange treating you?
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