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ED. NOTE ...
Only look at this note if you started the story in the original blog here . ---- As of this point, the first set of notebooks pick up the story here is a link to the post in the original blog which carries the story forward... If you are keeping ...
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I am tired of writing.   I am tired of this.   Hell isn’t other people, or burning in eternal
torment.   Hell is nothing.   No contact, no stimulation, no interaction
with the world.   Hell is being trapped in
a box.   Hell is something I’ve designed
for my...
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I’ve been trying to rouse my
spirits.   I will solve this I will.   I will get out of here soon and solve it.
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I am without much sleep or pretty much anything
else.   And I am only halfway…I will go crazy
in here.   I will.
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One of the other books Jim had left
were Sartre’s “No Exit” – hell is other people.   Bastard.  
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I haven’t been able to find a mathematical
solution.   The is a little more than a
day left to my unboxing.   I am tempted to
forget trying.   At this point it is a
matter of challenging the best minds of the past 100 or so years, from Einstein
to Bohr, Rut...
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“You know why we will never be
together, right?” she asked as we woke up one summer morning the sun streaming
into her happy room.   “Because you,” and
she turned to look at me across the pillow, “ are too much of a reductionist.   You are too … digital.” “...
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After my depressing sleep and thoughts
about purgatory I tried to do some work, to analyze my situation a little more. I’ve focused on some very particular
math to see if we can keep away from forming the entangled quanta – particles
have shown to be entang...
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Shit.   I had fallen asleep.   None of this
was there, as I slept, and I can’t remember my dream but I was happy and
content and at peace.   Now I am up, and a
little groggy, and back in my depressing depressing state.   No interaction.   No people.   I’ve ...
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I just realized something about Mark
and I.   Since we are entangled, we have
to respect the other.   We both have to
make sure that we are and the other is, healthy.   Second is that it isn’t even.   Nano particles have more power over me than I
have over ...
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